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Thorne Research
Image Skincare
We offer access to a variety of quality supplements through these links.  We also carry several in the office for your convenience.

It is important to use quality-controlled, scientific-based products.  Due to the fact that supplements do not need to go through the regulatory process of the FDA, over-the-counter products may not be pure or beneficial. In some cases, they may even be harmful. Remember that just because something is a "natural" substance, doesn't always mean that it's safe to put in your body.

Emerson Ecolobics/ Wellevate

Emerson Ecologics/ Wellevate carries many pharmaceutical-grade supplements, including those from Thorne, Klaire Labs, Douglas Labs, Vinco, and many more.  You can log in through the link below to create your own account, order anytime you like, and receive flat-rate shipping directly to your home.
Offers several product lines to help find the right combination for every skin type. Simple, easy steps and use of many natural and organic ingredients.
Available for purchase in-office only.
Pure ingredients without impure additives, great absorption, hypoallergenic, and scientifically researched.  Their products meet GMP and SOP standards.
Available for purchase in our Rochester office and online.
Patient access code: HCP1034515
Prescription treatment for hypotrichosis (loss of or inadequate eye lashes).  It grows lashes longer, fuller, and darker.
Available for purchase in our Rochester office.
Brilliant Distinctions program eligible.
iS Clinical Skincare

Innovative skincare offers clinically-proved, superior products featuring the most advanced technology to leave skin healthy, hydrated, and protected.